Thai Tech #16

Thai Tech, a company based in Thailand, has excitingly expanded the flame fusion sapphire color range by introducing a new hue named "sunrise." This addition brings a soft orange/peach shade to the "padparadscha" sapphire color spectrum that can be offered. The orange tint is likely attributed to iron content, while its red fluorescence hints at the presence of trace amounts of chromium. This innovation marks a significant improvement in the variety of colors available for flame fusion sapphires.

As with many Thai Tech offerings, variation is significant from one boule to the next. We carefully select this material to ensure the finest color quality in the finished stones. Despite its subtle dichroism, by cutting it with precise length-to-width ratios, its stunning hue can be fully highlighted and brought to life. This material features a very thin rind, yet a skilled lapidary can truly showcase its beauty.