Thai Tech #17

Thai Tech in Thailand offers three varieties of padparadscha-colored sapphire materials. The current sample is the middle option. #16 is characterized by its distinct orange hues, while #18 has a more pronounced pink color. Generally, this material appears pinkish, but under certain light conditions, light peach tones become apparent. These peach tones are likely due to iron dopants, and the pink hues are derived from chromium. Relative to other padparadscha sapphires, this material contains a lower concentration of iron. Additionally, it displays a red fluorescence under UV light.

This material presents a more intense orange hue in its rough, uncut form. However, once it has been cut, the gemstone typically shows a reduction in these vibrant orange tones. The change from rough to cut not only alters the appearance but also highlights the directional zoning issues related to the rough's natural structure and the chosen cutting pattern. This shift underscores how the cutting process can influence the color distribution and overall aesthetics of the gemstone.