๐ŸŒฑ Eco-Friendly Sapphire


      Czochralski sapphire can be grown for science, such as titanium doped sapphire (for tunable lasers) and blue sapphire (for q switchs), but it can also be grown for the gem and jewelry trade to satisfy large demand for blue sapphire and red ruby.

      Some of the most interesting sapphire colors are being developed to satisfy the luxury watch industry. Demand for full sapphire cases is growing as cnc techniques develop to manufacture 3d shapes in sapphire. Watches that utilize these techniques can sell for 100's of thousands of dollars and this has created opportunities to create new decorative colors of czochralski crystals (such as the new aqua color we stock). Fortunately for us there are a lot of trimmings leftover which we can purchase and repurpose into gemstones!

      The gemstones posted here are strictly repurposed materials.