Ytterbium YAG

      The most striking teal-colored synthetic gemstone available today is Ytterbium-doped YAG (Yb:YAG), which exhibits a beautiful spectrum of colors from blue-green to green-blue. Within the industry, Yb:YAG is often referred to as "Paraiba" YAG, and it is sometimes mistakenly marketed as "Paraiba sapphire." Among its various hues, the "Windex" color of Yb:YAG is produced in significant quantities for the gemstone market. Our collection includes this vibrant "Windex" shade, alongside a diverse range of industrial Yb:YAG variants. Each variant showcases unique color shades and levels of saturation, offering a wide selection for different preferences. We exclusively provide Yb:YAG crystals that have been cultivated through the Czochralski process, ensuring high-quality and consistency in all our offerings.