Djeva # 050608R

Djeva 050608R appears to be a variant of Djeva's 050608NR, enriched with iron as opposed to the latter's chromium richness. There's scant information available on this substance, but examining a cross-section of its boule reveals a captivating red/pink outer layer transitioning into an orange to yellow-orange core. This material demonstrates red fluorescence, leading to the speculation that it is infused with both iron and chromium. The resulting dichroism and multicolor effects produce extraordinarily beautiful gemstones, making it one of our most cherished laboratory-created sapphire hues. When skillfully cut, it can mimic the appearance of an exquisite precious topaz.<br><br>In the pursuit of colors reminiscent of padparadscha, Djeva 55 non, 050608NR, and 050608R emerge as the closest matches. Djeva 55 showcases a vibrant red/peach hue, offering a more saturated take on the pink/peach tones of 050608NR, while 050608R introduces a subtle light orange variant. Each color in this series of flame fusion sapphires is stunning, ensuring that any choice within this range is a splendid one.

We managed to acquire the final stock from a Thai cutting house after Djeva ceased production. The exact production date of this color remains uncertain due to the scarcity of information available.