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DJEVA (1914 - 2021)


      Djeva Productions SA, founded in 1914 and operational until 2021, was a notable Swiss company based in Monthey, renowned for its expertise in producing high-quality flame fusion sapphire and spinel gemstones. For over a century, Djeva stood as a beacon of excellence in the synthetic gemstone industry, specializing in creating stones that were celebrated for their exceptional clarity, vibrant colors, and superior craftsmanship. However, in 2021, the company faced bankruptcy, a consequence of the evolving synthetic gemstone market. This shift saw a growing preference for lower-cost alternatives, particularly from China, which significantly impacted companies like Djeva that prioritized quality over cost.

      Djeva's legacy in the gemstone world remains significant, particularly among lapidaries who revered their gemstones for their unmatched brilliance and rich coloration. Their products, known for their distinct quality and beauty, have been a staple in our inventory. We offer an array of sapphire colors, capturing nearly the entire spectrum. We exclude white and blue sapphires, due to the zoning issues commonly found in blue flame fusion sapphire boules, a characteristic challenge of the production method.

      In 2023, we acquired the domain to showcase and continue the legacy of lab-grown gemstones.