Djeva Sapphire


      Djeva Productions SA, established in 1914 and operational through to 2021, was a distinguished Swiss company located in Monthey, acclaimed for its production of superior flame fusion sapphire and spinel gemstones. For over a hundred years, Djeva was recognized as a paragon of excellence within the synthetic gemstone market, known for crafting stones with unparalleled clarity, vivid hues, and exceptional artisanship. Nevertheless, the company succumbed to bankruptcy in 2021, a downturn attributed to changes in the synthetic gemstone industry, which increasingly favored more affordable options, especially those emerging from China. This trend challenged traditional manufacturers like Djeva, which had always placed a premium on quality.

      Despite its closure, Djeva's influence in the gemstone arena continues to be profound, especially among gem cutters who prized its gemstones for their extraordinary luster and deep coloration. Their products, celebrated for their distinctive excellence and aesthetic appeal, have consistently been part of our selection. We stock a diverse range of sapphire colors, encompassing almost the entire color spectrum, albeit excluding white and blue sapphires due to the zoning issues often associated with blue flame fusion sapphire boulesโ€”a notable limitation of this manufacturing technique.

      In 2023 we acquired the domain