Lab Grown Spinel


      Laboratory-grown spinel is versatile and can be synthesized using various methods, including flame fusion, flux, and the Czochralski process. The Czochralski method is particularly employed for producing spinel for both industrial purposes and gemstone trade.

      Lab-grown spinel offers a solution to challenges encountered in producing blue sapphires. Blue sapphire synthesis often faces issues like zoning in flame fusion boules and a lack of vividness in Czochralski-grown sapphires, which are colored with iron and titanium. In contrast, blue spinel, tinted with cobalt, is easily produced in vibrant, uniformly zoned, flame fusion boules, presenting a broad spectrum of blue variations.

      The "fire blue" hue of cobalt spinel (Djeva 114) stands out as the most intense blue among all lab-created blue gemstones, boasting unparalleled vividness. Our inventory includes this exceptional shade alongside various other blue lab-grown spinel tones.

      Beyond blue, lab spinel is also available in colors like yellow, teal, green, pink, and red. Red spinel, notably challenging to produce, necessitates the more precise Czochralski growth environments due to its complex synthesis requirements.