Samarium YAG

Samarium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) is a synthetic crystalline material that is used in various optical applications due to its unique luminescent properties. This doped YAG combines the robust structural qualities of yttrium aluminum garnet with the specific light-emitting characteristics of samarium ions. When samarium ions are introduced into the YAG crystal lattice, they can absorb and emit light in distinctive wavelength bands, making samarium-doped YAG particularly useful for lasers, phosphors, and optical isolators. Its ability to produce precise wavelengths of light is crucial for applications requiring fine control over light emission, such as in medical lasers, telecommunications, and in the development of efficient lighting solutions. The doping process enhances the crystal's thermal stability and optical efficiency, making it a versatile and reliable material for advanced photonic devices.

We were offered the product from one of our regular suppliers in China that brokers scrap material from various industrial crystal growing factories. We were told this product was produced for experimental testing without any information about the application. It has an extremely strong Orange fluorescence and a really interesting color shift when taking outdoors into sunlight.