Djeva # 78

Djeva 78 represents the pinnacle of cobalt green sapphire in the market. The challenge in cultivating cobalt-doped sapphire stems from two primary difficulties. First, incorporating cobalt into the sapphire matrix is complex. Second, cobalt exhibits dual valence states (Co2+ for blue and Co3+ for green), and managing these states during the growth process demands stringent conditions. This material is priced significantly higher, costing 20-30 times more than flame fusion ruby, due to its intricate growth process and was produced in very limited quantities to meet a specialized demand. With the closure of Djeva, the prospects of finding a similar quality green flame fusion sapphire in the future are slim. It is, in many respects, considered one of the ultimate achievements in laboratory-created flame fusion green sapphire.<br><br>This material does not exhibit any fluorescence.

Our stock of A grade Djeva 78 is limited. This grade enables the cutting of the deepest stones. Generally, the boules are small, restricting the size to 11/12mm.