Djeva # 73

Djeva 73 is characterized by its consistent, minty green hue, a result of cobalt doping in the flame fusion process used to create sapphire. This color closely mirrors that of minty garnet or tourmaline, yet the inherent toughness of sapphire allows for its use in jewelry designed for daily wear. The production of cobalt-doped sapphire presents significant challenges, as cobalt can exhibit two valence states, Co2+ (blue) and Co3+ (green), which can easily fluctuate during the growth process. Achieving stable growth requires the use of specialized gases and growth chambers, making green lab-created sapphire particularly uncommon, and high-quality specimens even more so.

Before the closure of the Djeva Productions SA facility, we procured a limited quantity of A-grade material from one of its distributors. The color of this lab-created sapphire is genuinely stunning, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to locate. We consider ourselves lucky to still have some of this exceptional stock on hand.