Djeva # 80

Djeva 80 stands out as one of the most exclusive and costly types of flame fusion sapphire crafted by Djeva. It's thought that either cobalt or nickel contributes to its distinct coloration, though the exact element remains uncertain. The material exhibits red fluorescence. The need for exacting conditions during the growth process to achieve uniform results likely accounts for its premium price. <br><br> This material is designed to mimic the appearance of peridot, and it excels in this regard. However, unlike peridot, it boasts superior hardness, making it suitable for engagement rings and various forms of daily wear jewelry without concerns over wear and tear.

We obtained the only available lot of A-grade material from a traditional cutting house in Thailand. This top-quality material presents the best possibility for producing gemstones exceeding 10mm in size. Although we would purchase additional material if possible, the availability of such vintage stock is uncertain.