Thai Tech #31

This material showcases a particularly light hue of the classic flame fusion blue sapphire, courtesy of Thai Tech in Thailand. Enriched with titanium and iron, it presents a unique coloration featuring a white core wrapped in a blue exterior. The progression of Verneuil codes from 31 to 34 and beyond indicates a gradual increase in the thickness of the blue outer layer. Owing to their distinctive zonal characteristics, crafting these stones into large, uniformly colored pieces is unfeasible. However, through meticulous craftsmanship, it's possible to highlight these zones, creating gemstones of extraordinary beauty. Intriguingly, this material also exhibits red fluorescence under UV light.

Thai Tech 31 is a premium flame fusion blue sapphire crystal, featuring the most delicate shade of blue sapphire available. This crystal is distinguished by its flame fusion process, which results in a minimal blue zoning within the crystal structure. While it may not be ideal for crafting large gems with a consistent blue color, it provides a unique chance to create beautifully unique gemstones that highlight the fascinating variations in color, resulting in exceptionally attractive pieces.