Czochralski Blue Sapphire

Czochralski blue sapphire is renowned for its exceptional quality, primarily characterized by its consistent and vibrant blue hue. This distinctive blue coloration is attributed to the presence of chromophores, specifically titanium and iron. <br><br> Blue czochralski sapphire finds widespread utility in various applications, such as fulfilling the demand for gemstones, crafting watch cases, and serving as Q-switches in laser technology. Determining its origin can sometimes prove challenging, as it may result from leftover material from sapphire watch case production or deliberate growth for Q-switch purposes.

This lot of material was specifically manufactured for the production of blue sapphire watch cases designed for ultra-premium watches. We acquired the scrap pieces because they were too thin to meet the watch case specifications. The available blue czochralski sapphire exhibits a range of distinct shades, including royal blue, cornflower blue, periwinkle blue, and a cool greyish-blue hue.