Czochralski Aqua Sapphire

Recently introduced to the market, this material is an exceptional discovery due to its rarity and unique aquamarine hue. The intricacies involved in producing sapphire of such a distinctive color suggest a highly sophisticated process. Typically, if the creation of this color were simpler, leading companies like Djeva would have likely capitalized on it through well-established methods such as flame fusion. However, the delicate nature of achieving this specific shade likely necessitates finer adjustments in environmental and various procedural parameters, a feat possibly achieved through the Czochralski growth technique. This method allows for more precise control over the conditions under which the sapphire is grown, a critical factor in the development of its unique color.<br><br>The gemstone industry, with its limited resources, often finds it challenging to justify the investment in producing such niche products. In contrast, the luxury watch sector possesses the necessary financial strength and incentive to pioneer the creation of these exclusive colors. Our operation uniquely benefits from the luxury watch industry's endeavors, specifically from the production of watch case sapphires. Not all sapphire slices meet the thickness requirements for watch case fabrication, resulting in the generation of thinner, surplus materials. We seize the opportunity to repurpose these thinner scraps, transforming them into beautifully colored gemstones. This process not only exemplifies sustainable use of resources but also brings to the market gemstones of a color and quality previously deemed unattainable.

We recently secured a significant quantity of this material from an overseas supplier, who meticulously chose the finest pieces for us. Given the challenges associated with producing this unique color, many of the boules contained bubbles. However, we have managed to obtain exceptionally clear, bubble-free pieces.