Czochralski Lilac Sapphire

This material appears to be titanium-doped sapphire, enhanced with an unidentified dopant that contributes to its unique coloration. The primary light pink hue is complemented by a secondary blue cast, which together create a subtle light purple shade that is quite difficult to articulate. The complexity of its coloration adds to the allure of this material. It is produced through the Czochralski method, a renowned technique for growing high-quality sapphire crystals. This method is celebrated for its ability to yield crystals of exceptional purity and structural integrity, making the resulting sapphire not only visually striking but also remarkably durable. The addition of titanium, along with the mysterious dopant, plays a crucial role in achieving the material's distinctive and captivating color palette.

We received an offer for this boule, and while it's uncertain whether its distinctive color is the result of contaminants, its allure is undeniable and truly one of a kind! The captivating appearance of the boule piques our interest, as the unusual coloration sets it apart from more conventional materials.