Djeva # 22sp

Djeva 22sp represents the lightest "orange" shade within their SP series of lab-created sapphires, which includes variants from 22sp, 50sp, 55sp, 57sp, 59sp, with 59sp exhibiting a ruby red hue with orange undertones. This specific shade closely resembles a vibrant citrine, yet unlike quartz, it boasts a Mohs hardness of 9. The Djeva 50 sp, while similar in hue, is marginally darker, yet it firmly remains within the "citrine" spectrum that encapsulates shades of yellow, orange, red. Orange lab sapphire typically has red fluorescence, likely indicative of the presence chromium.<br><br>Orange lab-created sapphires are among the most vivid colors of lab sapphire. Their exceptional brightness can be attributed to the probable incorporation of chromium, which is used to achieve the red aspect of the orange coloration.

The Djeva 22sp was somewhat elusive, but we managed to obtain a modest quantity from two different cutting facilities, one located in China and the other in Thailand. Luckily, we have a sufficient supply of Djeva 50, which is slightly darker but still falls within the same "citrine" spectrum.