Djeva # 55sp

Djeva 50sp, 55sp, 57sp, and 59sp represent a series of orange corundum variants that progressively become redder as their numbers increase. Each of these materials is doped with iron and chromium, contributing to their unique hues and causing them to exhibit red fluorescence. The 50sp variant contains a subtle brown undertone, bearing a resemblance to high-quality citrine. As the sequence progresses, both the brown and orange tones diminish, culminating in a reduction of these components in the higher numbers. The 55sp variant stands out as particularly remarkable for its striking balance between orange and orange-red shades, making it one of the most vibrant lab-created corundum colors, aside from ruby. This intense vividness is attributed to the presence of chromium, which is also responsible for the deep, vivid red of rubies. For those in pursuit of an intensely deep, mesmerizing red/orange shade with minimal brown undertones, the Djeva 55sp is the ideal choice.

After Djeva ceased operations, we acquired several batches of this color from various cutting facilities in Thailand.