Djeva # 110

Djeva 110 emerged as a highly sought-after product during the time Djeva Productions SA was active in the spinel market. It earned the moniker "Light Ceylon" for its striking resemblance to the iconic cornflower blue hue in larger sizes. In contrast, the smaller stones, ranging from 1 to 4 carats, exhibit a delicate pastel blue. The vivid coloring of this material stems from cobalt, a common trait in cobalt spinel, which also causes it to emit a red fluorescence under UV light.<br><br>Producing cobalt sapphire poses significant challenges, yet cobalt spinel production is notably more manageable, enabling a consistent output of varied blue shades. This versatility affords consumers the luxury of choosing their ideal blue tint in lab-created spinel over the lab-created blue sapphire, ensuring a more tailored and satisfying selection.

We managed to acquire the final stock from a Thai cutting house after Djeva ceased production. This was a very popular product when Djeva Productions SA produced spinel.