Djeva # 021004

Djeva 021004 is a striking lab-grown sapphire with a unique iron-rich orange or whisky color, enhanced by red fluorescence from traces of chromium. It resembles Djeva 22sp (citrine colored lab sapphire) but stands out with its deeper brown tones due to higher iron levels.<br><Br>Established in 1914, Djeva Productions SA was a cornerstone of Swiss synthetic gemstone production in Monthey, renowned for over a century for its high-quality flame fusion sapphires and spinels. However, facing competition from more affordable options, particularly from China, Djeva succumbed to bankruptcy in 2021, closing a chapter on a company once synonymous with the pinnacle of gemstone craftsmanship.

We acquired this vintage lot from a Thai cutting factory known for working with Djeva materials. Originally labeled as topaz-colored sapphire, we believe "whisky" is a more fitting description for its hue.