Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats


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The Tessellation cut, designed by Arya Akhavan, is indeed a remarkable choice for lumogarnets, a gemstone known for its unique color and brilliance. The Tessellation cut is characterized by its complex, geometric facets that enhance the gemstone's natural beauty, creating a mesmerizing play of light. This cut not only complements the inherent qualities of lumogarnets but also adds a modern yet timeless appeal to the stone. Given the 42.1 carat size of the gemstone, it is substantial enough to serve as a statement piece in either a modern or an art deco style piece of jewelry. The durability of lumogarnets makes it an excellent choice for a piece that can be cherished and passed down through generations.



Size: 15.68mm x 15.32mm x 11.65mm

Weight: 42.1  carats

Cut: Tessellation

Shape: Square

Clarity: Loupe Clean

Inclusions: Bubbles

Treatment: None



MOHS hardness: 8.0


Dispersion: 0.018

Density: 6.7

Refractive Index: 1.9

Chemical Formula: Lu3Al5O12


  • Pendant
  • Cocktail Ring
  • Brooch


  • Neon
  • Vivid
  • Fluorescent
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lumogarnets


  • Material Name:Ce:LuAG
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Growth Method: Czochralski

Cerium-doped Lutetium Aluminum Garnet (Ce:LuAG) is a phosphor material that has gained significant attention for its industrial applications, especially in the fields of lighting and imaging. As a scintillator, Ce:LuAG is highly effective in converting high-energy radiation into visible light, which makes it particularly valuable in medical imaging systems such as computed tomography (CT) scanners and in security scanning systems. Its excellent light yield and fast decay time enable high-resolution imaging, crucial for accurate diagnostics and security inspections. Additionally, Ce:LuAG is used in LED lighting technology. When combined with blue or ultraviolet LEDs, it produces a bright, white light with good color rendering, making it suitable for various lighting applications where natural light reproduction is desired. This includes high-end, energy-efficient lighting solutions in commercial, medical, and automotive industries. The unique properties of Ce:LuAG, including its stability and radiation hardness, make it an important material in advancing imaging technology and developing efficient lighting solutions.


This material is derived from the leftover edges and upper portions of Ce:LuAG boule.

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Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats - DJEVA
Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats
Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats
Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats
Green LuAG, Tessellation Cut, 42.1 Carats

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