Green Lithium Tantalate

Lithium tantalate, often referred to as "tantalia," serves a dual role as both a captivating gemstone and a valuable scientific material. As a gemstone, it intrigues collectors and jewelers with its unique properties and potential for stunning visual effects, although it is not traditionally recognized in mainstream gemology. In the realm of science and technology, lithium tantalate is highly prized for its remarkable electro-optic, piezoelectric, and pyroelectric properties, making it an essential component in various applications including nonlinear optics, surface acoustic wave devices, and sensors. This blend of aesthetic appeal and functional versatility underscores the material's unique position at the intersection of natural beauty and technological innovation.

A vendor presented us with this crystal. Upon consulting with local specialists, we discovered that green lithium tantalate is not documented in the existing literature. It's possible that it was created unintentionally or for research and development reasons. Regardless, we consider ourselves fortunate to possess it.