Vivid Ruby


      Ruby is a gemstone primarily composed of corundum, with the distinctive red coloration achieved through chromium doping. The intensity of its red hue correlates directly with higher levels of chromium content, while the presence of manganese and iron impurities can yield an orange tint. In the field of gemology, ruby is strictly defined as a red gemstone. Nevertheless, within the realm of laser science, the term "laser ruby" serves to differentiate pink chromium-doped corundum from pink titanium-doped sapphire.

      Our extensive inventory encompasses a diverse array of ruby products, including vintage Djeva flame fusion items from the period spanning 1914 to 1921, Union Carbide's "Star Wars" Laser Ruby, Kyropoulos-pulled Ruby specimens, and select Chatham flux ruby varieties.

      It is noteworthy that all rubies consistently exhibit red fluorescence when subjected to both UV and blue light sources.