Cerium Doped GAGG "ULTRA GLOW"

Cerium-doped Gadolinium Aluminum Gallium Garnet (Ce:GAGG) is a scintillator material that has gained considerable attention in the fields of medical imaging and high-energy physics due to its exceptional properties. This crystalline material, synthesized with cerium ions as activators within a gadolinium aluminum gallium garnet matrix, is known for its high light yield and excellent energy resolution. Ce:GAGG is particularly noted for its density and effective atomic number, which make it highly efficient at stopping gamma rays and x-rays, thus making it an ideal candidate for use in various imaging applications.<br><br>The primary usage of Ce:GAGG scintillators includes positron emission tomography (PET) scanners and other types of scintillation detectors where rapid and accurate detection of high-energy photons is critical. Its fast decay time and good linearity over a wide range of energies enhance the performance of these devices by improving image quality and reducing scan times. Additionally, the robustness and radiation hardness of Ce:GAGG allow it to be used in harsh environments, such as space applications and high radiation fields, further broadening its range of applications beyond medical imaging into areas such as homeland security and industrial inspection.

This is "ULTRA" glow-in-the-dark Ce:GAGG. Contrary to what one might expect, not all GAGG materials exhibit luminescence; in fact, glowing is often regarded as a manufacturing flaw. However, this particular material has been carefully selected from a broad range of samples for its outstanding glow-in-the-dark properties. Once charged by sunlight or a blacklight, the glowing effect of this Ce:GAGG can persist for approximately 10 minutes.