Djeva # 47

Djeva 47 is distinguished by its transformative hue as a vanadium-doped lab-created sapphire. The collection ranging from 44 to 48 features diverse iterations of vanadium-doped flame fusion sapphires, each with its unique appeal. The inclusion of chromium in some variants intensifies their shades into deeper reds and purples, while those enriched with chromium exhibit a captivating red fluorescence. In contrast, a higher concentration of vanadium in others gives rise to an orange fluorescence. These components are skillfully crafted into gems of unparalleled beauty, showcasing vivid color transitions. Despite their association with synthetic alexandrite affecting their reputation negatively, these sapphires stand out for their intrinsic beauty and the dramatic shifts in color they exhibit. Additionally, their Mohs hardness of 9 underscores their durability and resilience against wear. <br><br> Further distinguishing itself, Djeva 47 contains only trace amounts of chromium, resulting in a lighter variation of the vanadium-doped sapphire. This composition not only enables the crafting of larger gemstones but also affords Djeva 47 the ability to shift colors impressively between shades of mauve and steel blue, adding to its distinctiveness and allure.

We acquired this collection from a Thai gem-cutting establishment following the closure of Djeva.